With world-class accreditation by internationally acknowledged authorities including the International Baccalaureate (IB), we also seek strong language and culture support from Chinese national curriculum for renovation, synergies and strength.


Authorized by three international courses (IB, A-Level, AP). We are implementing a variety of subjects that cover many areas and the number of subjects we offer is among the top in Sichuan province.

BIBS is a highly- integrated community school. Students and foreign teachers in BIBS Chengdu are from the US, the UK, South Africa, Korea, India etc.


We are an IB School

The BIBS Chengdu Campus has officially been authorized for IB PYP and IB DP, and is now an IB World School! We are striving for IB MYP authorization and running ongoing internal checking, especially in the following days, and we are confident that our Middle Years Program will enjoy equal success and be authorized at the end of this year. The school will then become a real K12 IB World School, which will be an honorable event in international education sector in the south and west areas of China, as well as a momentous mile-stone for BIBS Chengdu.