Introduction of Leadership Team


Lily Dai

Co-Head of School

Lily Dai is a leader in international education sector in southwest, which has worked in the international education for the past 20 plus years. She spent 17 years in Dipont, the major foreign curriculum provider in China. worked as Reginal manager and vice CEO. She then worked as the vice principal at Chengdu Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School in charge of the international High School Department. There, she took the lead and developed integrated Middle school and high school curriculum with IB, AP and A-LEVEL. Graduates went to many other top universities around the world.

Lily’s strength and specialty is in high school management and with integrated curriculum development. She has a good relationship with many top university’s recruitment and is able to support students to enter top universities.

She is also a candidate of Msc in Education at the University of Glasgow in the UK and will graduate in 2021.

She is so excited to enjoin BIBS. Her motto is “seeing to empower learners to become global-minded  citizens and long life learners”.And she guides students to be successful in a proper way.

Nigel Jones  

Primary Principal

Mr. Nigel Jones has received Bachelors in Computation from UMIST, Master of Education from University of Derby, UK. He is a school accrediting officer for the Asia Pacific region of IBO, and an IB school consultant and trainers. He is also the member of the IBO global curriculum think tank.

Nigel has more than 20 years of experience in primary education and early childhood education management in many countries and regions. He has worked as a teacher in prestigious schools in Israel, Greece, Taiwan and mainland China and also as an IB primary school program coordinator, foreign principal and PYP school director.

With more than 10 years of experience in IB primary school management, Nigel has led two new Chinese-English bilingual schools and one Chinese school to successfully pass IB's strict licensing requirements and achieve good results. In addition, as a consultant, he has instructed a number of IB candidates on how to meet IB requirements, and several have been successfully accredited.

He also has affluent experience in bilingual education. He has written 13 English textbooks for children and primary schools, as well as extracurricular English tutoring textbooks for middle schools.

Ryan Li

Vice Principal of Secondary School

Rayan is a teacher which has been authenticated by official AP and IBO. He worked as a manager in international High School Department of Chengdu Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School in charge of the science teaching group.

Ryan graduates from Wuhan university with a Master of Chemistry and has a rich experience of teaching international curriculum. His strength and specialty is in leading and developing intergrated curriculum as well as teaching AP, IB, SAT science subject. He was appointed to attend education seminar beyond seas in 2005.

Principal Lee has much enthusiasm on education and he loves communicating with students. He specializes in scientific teaching and managing/teaching the class in an effective and humorous way.