Welcome Note from Our Principal

Welcome to Beanstalk School!

The campuses of Beanstalk throughout China have more than 20 years of experience providing bilingual education within an international framework that also values the strengths of Chinese education and cultural values.  We provide an assurance to our parents and students that we will offer children a safe, happy and trustworthy education environment providing love, care and support. We strive to build an education system which can promote student’s academic and personal development. As our mission states, we focus on seeing that our students are equipped with the skills to face future challenges, encourage them to be long life learners, global-minded citizens and future leaders.

The most special part of us is that we are an open- minded school. As China becomes an increasingly important stakeholder on the international stage, we encourage Chinese students to appreciate their mother language and culture as well as feel a sense of confidence and pride. For foreign students who choose to join us, we provide an opportunity for more deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture than they might experience in a traditional international school environment.

As a community-oriented school, we value the parents role in the school’s overall development alongside that of our students. All stakeholders have shared responsibility to foster children’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth.  As such, parents often linger at the school after dropping off their children and have a morning coffee at our PTA-sponsored coffee shop in the school lobby.  We hope to see you there as well!

Head of BIBS Chengdu Karen Jiang

Head of BIBS Chengdu Lily Dai

Head of BIBS Chengdu Michael Donaldson