Welcome Note from Our Founder

Dear Friends,

Welcome to BIBS (Beanstalk International Bilingual School).

BIBS’ history can be traced back to 1998, where it all began with a small international kindergarten. Over the next 21 years, the initial seedling grew, and blossomed, spreading from one campus to eight. Outside our home base in Beijing, our education extends into the most southern area of China – Hainan Island. Accordingly, we have grown from a single kindergarten to an education group covering both kindergarten and a K-12 international school.

BIBS’ mission is based on the concept that a real international education in China should be an International education fused with Chinese culture and values. That is, we “pick the essence of Chinese and Western cultures, and fuse these elements together.” For more than 20 years, we have been and upholding this principle, striving to practice our principle tenets – “combining eastern and western education philosophies, realizing Chinese and English as a “bilingual mother tongue”and educating the future’s international citizens.

BIBS believes that bilingual education is not a kind of simple, single language education. Rather, we believe that education should be well rounded and flexible. Curricular content should shift from national standards to international standards, from a narrow outlook to world view, from a localized geographical basis to an international perspective. Learning a language is no longer solely the practice of grammar, but rather a means by which one can truly appreciate culture.

BIBS has established a true bilingual teaching mechanism, providing integrated bilingual classroom teaching and extracurricular activities and intensive language courses in order to meet individual needs. We employ teachers with internationally recognized qualifications; we follow the standards set by the internationalization of the curriculum; we emphasise the extended and yet complementary nature of family and school education; we pay attention to the cultivation of a well-rounded profile for our students; and we care about each student’s individual needs and development and we continue to work hard to build the best international educational platform for them we can.

BIBS’ curriculum is based on the most widely recognized IB system and has built our own IB framework. We pay attention to the organic fusion of the IB framework and Chinese culture, after many years of exploration practice, we found the best ratio of bilingual teaching is 70% English and 30% Chinese which can ensure our children to achieve the bilingual language level in Chinese and English on the same standard. Understanding and appreciating that children learn in different ways and excel in different areas, our programs encourage students to draw upon their strengths and to explore new ideas of interest to them as critical thinkers with inquiring minds. Our teachers seek to inspire students to reach their full potential. High expectations and targets for improvement are based upon each student’s individual learning styles. We want our students to be confident, inquiring and tolerant individuals equipped with the knowledge and integrity to be successful in their own right, as well as positive contributors to their local and global communities as 21st century thinkers and globally-minded citizens.

From the beginning, BIBS has never slowed the pace of exploring for innovation, has constantly been refining bilingual teaching, at the same time, BIBS has been striving to create a most human and warm environment for students, staff and parents. We propose a new idea of building a“community school,”meaning that in both teaching and daily management, breaking the traditional barriers between parents and school, parents and students are welcome to participate in the school life. We encourage parents to get involved in our school management and construction or to just come to school and have a cup of coffee. Our school environment is built comfortable and relaxed and we are committed to have our children grow up in an environment full of “love, care and support.”We believe in the future when they go to the society, they will spread our spirit to the world.

The 21st century is the century of globalization. The world has become a small village. At the same time, the 21st century is a period of rejuvenation for national cultures – an era in which Oriental civilisations will shine! Accordingly, BIBS bravely carries on the responsibility “To explore the frontiers for Chinese education: to educate and output the composite talents to the world,”BIBS has found its duty to act as the steamroller in the international education field. We have devoted our love and responsibility to our children, our society and our world.

Dearest members of the BIBS Community, we open the most sincere embrace and welcome and invite you to join us. Please call or visit so that you may come to experience and know what it means to be part of our community.

All the best wishes!

Beanstalk Education Group Founder
Ms. Kathy Shi