Support Services

We Have a Vast Green Campus

Chengdu campus covers an area of 150 acre, 10 buildings. Walls with light yellow are covered by lush cypress which offer us oxygen and fresh air.

More than 60 mu of grassland extending to the stately academic building with red and yellow walls. There is also a wide terrace and a quiet corridor. Students often learn and think deeply and philosophically in this natural environment. This is also a place where teachers and students find questions and inquire.

 “Let student fall in love with musical instruments, performance and lecture”. This special theater is capable for 300 people. Presentations, important concerts and guest speaker visit will be held here. We open the world’s doors for our students and provide them with a comprehensive education. Students find the best of themselves here.

The school also has PE facilities, multifunctional music room, art room, design lab, Apple computer lab, 6 basketball courts and a standard 400m Olympic stadium, which can satisfy students’ needs for balanced developing. 

A beautiful sunken library which is spacious and contains many books is open for the whole day. Students often sit, read quietly and enjoy the reading time and appreciating knowledges.

A coffee shop on the corner of the first floor is run by PTA. The fragrance of coffee is around the building. The coffee shop is a place where parents interact with teachers and witness children’s growth. It’s an indispensable part of BIBS.

There are many school activities which include analytical finance, public benefit activities, opera and music performance, journal edition etc. There are also many social practices,volunteer activities, English corner, math, chemistry, physics competition, USAP, USAD, Spelling Bee, debate competition and Model United Nations etc. Students can improve their academics skills, leadership skills, cultural appreciation skill and comprehension skill, so that they will have advantages for future’s study.

Love care and Support

The dormitories are standard with air conditioning,solid bunk beds, cupboards, desks, and WiFi. Every room has an independent bathroom. We also have an exclusive study room, entertainment room for students to relax after a school day. It’s an international community for students to grow. 

School Bus Service: We offer students school bus service. There are fixed stations in East, West, North and South of Chengdu. 

In order to ensure food safety, BIBS Chengdu campus chose resource vendors carefully and monitor food safety strictly. We require vendors to offer high quality of resources and we cook based on standard requirements. We make sure our food resources are natural, pollution free and non-additive.

Our canteen has a capacity for 400 people and they can still remain 1 -meter physical space. We offer three dishes and soup for every meal (two meat dishes and one vegetable dish). Milk and fruits are also offered for every meal to meet teenagers’ requirements. Various kinds of Chinese and Western dishes are often praised by faculties. The canteen also takes care for those who have special needs for diets (such as vegetarians, students allergic to spicy food, egg, milk, beans etc.) to ensure students to grow healthily.